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Did you know that the American nonprofit industry is around the 5th largest industry in the US, in terms of economic impact? I've been watching this data point for more than 20 years and it has never wavered from the top 10. 

And yet, many nonprofits are run by good-hearted volunteers with the best intentions and no nonprofit training. This is why I consistently see nonprofits remain in a very beginner's level of functionality, always reinventing the wheel and burning out even their most devoted supporters.

I specialize in fortifying nonprofit boards, their processes, and structures. Firmly believing that a robust framework of policies and procedures underpins successful fundraising endeavors, I advocate for several key systems:

My specialties:

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A little more fun

When not helping you and many others make the world a better place, I'm enjoying my incredible life in Colorado with the love of my life, our friends, and if we are lucky, our daughters when they visit.

Downhill and uphill skiing, hiking, camping, river floating and baking bread are all part of my growing repertoire for fun. 

During the pandemic, when so many of us were locked-in and locked-down, I heard someone say that experiencing the state of "awe" is good for mental health. If that is the case, then I am regularly getting my therapy by working with inspiring clients who make the world a better place, and through my own adventures, here in our beautiful home.

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